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CSS missing in case of pdf of particular Div.

maziksol wrote on 2016-01-28:

I want to generate pdf of particular div in my webpage on button click, but when i try to do this CSS and images are missing. It is working fine in case of URL for whole page.

Query No.2.

My Div is small, so when i tried to generate pdf, rest of the page is remaining blank. I want to show this div to full A4 size.
( In case of Div of A4 size it is working fine, but i want to show small DIV to PDFof A4 size.)

maziksol wrote on 2016-01-29:
Regarding Second Query:

I want to fill div content to full pdf doc.

support wrote on 2016-01-29:

If you can post a link to your webpage, we will look into it.
maziksol wrote on 2016-01-30:

My token has been expired. can you plz provide me token so that i can show my problem. Actually i have to show this demo to client then we will purchase this API.