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PDF Link redirects some users to home page

memberpath wrote on 2016-01-26:
I have a page where I display a save to pdf link at the top with the following code:

<a href="//">Save to PDF file</a>

Most of the time it works. But some IE users are just being redirected to home page rather than getting a pdf file download. What can I do to troubleshoot this?
support wrote on 2016-01-27:

Could you please post a link to a sample web page that demonstrates the problem?
memberpath wrote on 2016-01-27:
Can you give me a private email to send a link to? I don't want the link displayed on a public forum like this.
support wrote on 2016-01-29:
You can send the link to
memberpath wrote on 2016-01-29:
I think we have a lead on what the problem is here. I had the user go to so I could see details about his browser. Apparently his operating system is Windows Server 2008 R2. That would explain the failure in IE, which is severely locked down by default on Microsoft servers. I would not advise using this operating system & browser combination for anything online. I will be advising him to run the reports and pdf links on a different desktop system.
support wrote on 2016-02-01:

Yes, it is known that older IE installations do not send HTTP referrer, which is vital for the PDF Link to work.