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SVG pie charts not displaying in PDF

safetymatters wrote on 2016-01-14:

I am trying to create a PDF file from an HTML file. The HTML file contains static text as well as two pie charts built using SVG. When the PDF file is created the static text shows up find but the pie charts do not.

Here is an example:

HTML file:

Created PDF file:

Any idea what I am doing wrong here?

Just to note, the SVGs are created in the application using the amCharts JavaScript library. We then grab the html (in a <div>) of what we want displayed in the PDF file, create a temp html file (link above as example), and send a link to that HTML file using the $client->convertURI(); method.

safetymatters wrote on 2016-01-15:
Just a quick follow up, it seems that the issue is the SVGs. I tried this with a different JS charing library and am getting the same results.

Any idea why the static SVGs are not rendering?
support wrote on 2016-01-18:

Pdfcrowd does not support inline <svg>. We support external (linked) SVG files and dynamic SVG generated by JavaScript.