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Images not appearing in PDF

guptasomitra wrote on 2015-12-16:
Hi Support team ,

I need help on on issue. While converting the HTML to PDF image which is at public location gets converted but image in a protected location does not get inserted. We are saving the images as of now in a documnet librray in office 365/ sharepoint online. So my questions is does all images has to be in public place or is there an alternative to this approach. Our architecture is such that we are using a web serive on AZure to generate HTML to PDF where images are getting fetched from sharepoint online . Now we understand this may have issues so we trying to now fetch images from a folder hosted on Azure under the same web service but still images are not appearing in the PDF . What is the correct way to solve this problem .

Thank you .

somitra gupta
Microexcel ltd . India.
support wrote on 2015-12-16:

Any external assets have to be accessible on the public Internet. An alternative is to zip the HTML document together with its external assets and send the zip file to the API using the convertFile() function.