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colspan width in table

Bumjoo Hwang wrote on 2015-11-21:
When I converted HTML to PDF I had a problem in table design.


<col width="50px">
<col width="200px">
<col width="100px">
<th rowspan="2">A</th>
<th colspan="2">B</th></tr>

Column A is viewed correctly but..
Column 'B-1' and 'B-2' have a same width - 150px - in PDF files....

I used code <th width=200> or <td width=200> instead of <col width=200px> but no change..T.T
please help me..

support wrote on 2015-11-24:

I tested your code and the column widths in the generated PDF are correct. See the attached file. I just added the following for better visualization:
  td, th {border:1px solid gray}

Could you please double check on your end?
Bumjoo Hwang wrote on 2015-11-24:
I got it...

"table-layout:fixed" - this make a problem....

thank you.