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Simultaneous API calls from a single IP are not allowed

atek wrote on 2015-11-03:
Never ending "Simultaneous API calls from a single IP are not allowed" errors. We are getting nothing through the API interface.
mustrider262 wrote on 2016-03-11:
Hi atek,

Was this issue resolved by just giving PdfCrowd time to (for lack of a better explanation) clear the requests and start allowing requests again?

We're getting "Simultaneous API calls from a single IP are not allowed" today, and we have a few people running reports (that day of the month for us).

PdfCrowd Support, is there a way to reset this message, so we can run reports again?

- Chris
support wrote on 2016-03-14:
Hello Chris,

If your application sends multiple API requests at a time, the service returns the 503 error. If the API returns the 503 error, it is perfectly ok to sleep() for a few seconds and then resend the unsuccessful request. Here is an outline:
  tries = 0
  success = False
  while not success:
     tries += 1
        call the API
        success = True
     catch (pdfcrowd.Error why):
         if tries == 5:
            some serious error, log or re-throw the exception
            sleep(1 or 2 seconds) wrote on 2016-03-14:
Hi there,

I am also having this issue today, and have never had it before... even resetting my connections (which means no one is able to generate pdfs at that time) did not resolve the issue.
RichAnderson wrote on 2016-04-06:
Having the same error suddenly occurred without any changes in our codes, how can we reset the generate request?
RichAnderson wrote on 2016-04-06:
Im not able to generate any PDF due to the Error above, but the token keeps on decreasing any idea why?