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PDF not converted properly

kalyanrajiv wrote on 2015-11-03:

Link of original HTML :

PDF crowd API is failing to convert it exactly. It is adding square boxes inside PDF for some of the html contents.

tinasharma.proavid_1446568322_44502.pdf file is generated by Crowd API

and you can try generating from here as well: for this WebPage:

Please have a look for this case. Just FYI: I am using your paid version of API.
support wrote on 2015-11-05:

This is because your HTML specifies the 'myriad Pro' font family which is not installed on our server. Try to specify another font or add a generic fallback font to the font-family list
font-family: 'myriad Pro', sans-serif;
kalyanrajiv wrote on 2015-11-05:

We are providing service to our customers. They can use any font. We are converting email content in PDF. We do not have any control on the fonts they are using. So, can you please add such fonts in your library to avoid similar issues? or do you have any alternate solution by replacing font that you have or by some default font in our html source and than converting back it to PDF. How this sounds?


kalyanrajiv wrote on 2015-11-06:

We want to use PDF crowd API at large scale. I just want to know what would happen if font is not in your library. Would you please update me how pdf would be rendered in the case of missing fonts in your library? This will help me to take next step in my project.


support wrote on 2015-11-09:
Hello Rajiv,

If the font is not installed on our server, our system will try the next one specified in the font-family list. If none of the fonts is available, a system default font will be used.