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Issue in pdf creation

vaibhavds wrote on 2015-11-03:
Hello Team

I am generating pdf from URL (html to pdf api). I almost generated all my pdf successfully. But sometime if my URL is taking much time to execute at that time pdfcrowd showing time out error. Do you have any suggestion to overcome this problem if my URL taking much time to load?

Thanks in adavance
support wrote on 2015-11-03:
Hello Vaibhav,

There is no option in the API to adjust the timeout setting. There can be a variety of reasons why your page loads slowly, here are some tips:

1/ You can cache SQL queries that take too long and call the API with warm cache.
2/ Your application should have good internet connectivity (high upload/download speed)
3/ There are online tools that can spot page speed problems - google for "page speed optimization"
4/ Remove anything that is not needed in the PDF - google analytics, 3rd-party widgets, etc.

Hope this helps.