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PHP, returns empty pdf, no errors

mvasilyev wrote on 2015-10-27:

I'm creating pdf from html using convertHtml method like this:
$client->convertHtml($finalHTML, $pdf_file);

where finalHTML is a string containing html-file (it has length of 1312697 and uses 577 external images, so it does not violate any limits).

The output is empty file.

But if I pass something shorter, like:
$finalHTML = <<< "HTML"
	<!DOCTYPE html>

it works perfectly. What could it be?
mvasilyev wrote on 2015-10-27:
More than this. I've tried to split incoming html in chunks. It was 150 tokens on account. After the first try it says there are none of them, account is inactive. I've got 2 chunks. How could it be?