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Elements scaled too large

byron wrote on 2015-08-04:

Thanks for making such a great PDF conversion tool.

I'm running into a scaling issue; I figure I'm just misconfiguring something.

I have a zip file that includes an HTML file along with assets it depends on:
It contains images that are sized by inches, and text sized in points.

When I use the pdfcrowd API to convert it to PDF, I get this output:
The only parameters I pass to the API are width:8.5in and height:11in
I noticed that the text and images are sized too big. It doesn't seem like the page is rendered and then scaled up. Instead it seems that each individual element is scaled up during the render.

I used Chrome to open the same HTML file and used the Print to PDF feature:
Using Chrome outputs the page at the right scale.

Is there an API parameter to control how elements on the page are scaled up? How do I avoid pdfcrowd scaling up my images and text?