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Need to create a poster size pdf having filters effect on images and text

wtechprakash wrote on 2015-07-25:
Hello there,
our purpose is to convert poster size html page to pdf file with its exact size. for that we have save the dynamic user custemized html in a .html file, now we want to create the same size pdf file with all the effects on images and other css functionality. here is the url of one of the html file eg:-

Plz let me know if this is possible from your provided api so that we can purchase this api for our site. waiting for your response.

support wrote on 2015-07-29:

The API can't set the PDF page size automatically based on the HTML content. However, you can specify the desired PDF page size with the pageWidth() and pageHeight() methods.
wtechprakash wrote on 2015-07-30:
Thanks for your reply.. could you plz let me know about the filter effects. As in the html we set filter effects but it is not comming in pdf file.
support wrote on 2015-08-04:

Pdfcrowd does not support filter effects, sorry.