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http code 303

stvogdn wrote on 2015-06-16:
I am getting an http code 303 back from a http POST to /pdf/convert/html/. Can you help me understand this response code?


stvogdn wrote on 2015-06-17:
To add a little more 'color' around this topic: I am using the PDFCrowd php client. It is raising an exception on the convertHtml method but the exception contains to error information. I have traced the problem to the cURL call within the http_post method. It is getting back a code 303 rather than 200 and the response body is empty.

I am really puzzled as the code seems to work fine in my local environment, but fails when run on our servers.

Thanks for your help.

support wrote on 2015-06-18:

That's strange as our server is not supposed to return 303. If you are able to run packet capture (tcpdump or Wireshark) on the server when this happens and send the result to, I can look into it.

If it is a Linux server, you can run tcpdump like this:
sudo /usr/sbin/tcpdump -s 65535 -w /tmp/tcpdump.log