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Create hyperlinks within a document

martha wrote on 2015-06-01:
Hi there,

Is there a way to enable hyperlinks within a document to link to other PDF pages?

I have a multi-page PDF I am building with Pdfcrowd from HTML pages, and we have a table of contents, I would like to know if there's a way, using something like <a name="chapter_one">Chapter One</a> or something like that, that I can get the right links embedded in the document to work & link to each other.

support wrote on 2015-06-02:
Hello Martha,

This should work and it is enabled by default.
martha wrote on 2015-06-02:

Thanks for your response. It's not working for me, and I think it's because the hyperlinks are on different pages when they're captured than the target.

So for example, one page is a table of contents, where items link to things like <a href="#introduction">Introduction</a>.

The targets of those are on other pages as things like <a name="introduction"> </a>

You can see an example of the table of contents here:
and one of the pages it links to here:

Should that still work? The pages are all generated independently, but I need them to link together in the PDF using that table of contents if possible.

Thanks again for your help!
support wrote on 2015-06-04:

Now I see that you meant named hyperlinks between documents - this unfortunately does not work.