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Pdfcrowd Error: [510] Can't access your local URL

cprotyush wrote on 2015-05-17:
I am doing a college project, i want a page to be converted to pdf, i registered for pdfcrowd api but now I'm getting error showing
Pdfcrowd Error: [510] Can't access your local URL: http://localhost/~protyush/prj/showadmin.php?id=1
support wrote on 2015-05-19:

Pdfcrowd is a web service, it can't access your localhost. It can convert only web pages that are accessible on the public Internet.
ccoolacaixa wrote on 2019-07-24:
Sorry, are there some way to debug in localhost how de HTML page will be watched in a PDF. Developers needs some way to debug any element of ours design before put it in an production enviroment.

support wrote on 2019-07-24:
Yes, localtunnel can be used