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PDF creation not working in sometimes using api

gtcadmin wrote on 2015-04-07:

I use the api to create pdf from webpage but sometimes the created pdf shows error like this one PDF but on reloading the pdf new one is created which works fine. Please let me know if there is any issue or how to resolve it since it happens one in ten times.

support wrote on 2015-04-09:

Is there any way for us to reproduce the issue?
gtcadmin wrote on 2015-04-09:
You can click the link Report Then after the page loads go to Save/Print Tab and click save the pdf will download. If you try the pdf wont work one in three times...
support wrote on 2015-04-13:

Your app submits this URL to the API. When I repeatedly reload this URL in my browser, from time to time it pops up a modal dialog box with the folllowing message: "The page at says: timed out". This is most likely the reason why you are not getting PDF.

In order to resolve the issue, you need to fix this "timed out" error.