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PDFCrowd not capturing C# graphs correctly

shaunlandau wrote on 2015-03-18:
We are using C3 (javascript charting library) to graph some data. PDFCrowd capture is something that has a black background (see attachment Capture.PNG). The web page view directly looks like Capture1.PNG.

Do I have any hope of salvage here?
support wrote on 2015-03-23:

Is there any way for us to reproduce the issue?
shaunlandau wrote on 2015-03-24:
Hello ... please browse to to see the js chart and try to capture this URL ... the issue should be pretty clear to you when you take a look at the resulting PDF.
support wrote on 2015-03-26:

This is because the page renders the chart some time after the onload event is fired. Namely, setTimeout() and ajax calls do not work reliably with our software.

If possible, render the chart right after the onload event occurs and disable any animations.