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Token Usage

Paul Ardent wrote on 2015-03-02:
Our account which allows for 5,000 tokens per month is using vast amounts of tokens that we don't think is down to normal usage.

The site we suspect is using all the tokens only produces PDFs that use one token each and can't imagine that the number of users downloading pdfs equates to the number of tokens used.

Is there a way to monitor where the number of tokens are being used from?

Also is it possible that search engines are setting off the PDF generation through crawls?

If so, is there a way to block robots from setting off the PDFs?

Paul Ardent wrote on 2015-03-02:
Since posting this message another 34 tokens have been used. I cannot imagine this is due to normal human usage.
support wrote on 2015-03-04:
Hello Paul,

We sent you an email with details.