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Different results between web and api conversions

aelion wrote on 2015-02-28:
Both attached files have been converted using your service. However the file smalldev_aelion_eu... has been converted online via your online converter and the other file is converted using the REST api. Both have the same html as found on page

But they differ allot in result. And I'm not meaning the page size or the margins but the whole content is rendered differently. The smalldev_aelion_eu... file is more like we want it and the other one just seems to skip allot of css code.

Please explain to me what is going on?
aelion wrote on 2015-02-28:
NVM found the answer myself. The bootstrap css library used caused the trouble in combination with the view port the renderer uses.

Setting the html_zoom parameter to 200 solves the problem. (although you would probably logically set that to 50%, please explain why it works as it does.)

And I would still like to know why the online converter handled it correctly compared to my api call?
support wrote on 2015-03-09:

The online converter prints to A4 landscape by default whereas the API prints to A4 portrait. It looks like your page is wider than A4 portrait which for some reason causes the trouble in resulting PDF.

If you set width to "11.7in" and height to "8.3in", the result will be the same as the one from the online converter.