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Problem with web font

stvogdn wrote on 2015-02-20:
We are attempting to use a Japanese web font to render a PDF. When we include the font face css, the text on the document disappears. It seems as if the page is rendering before the (somewhat large) web font has loaded. Do you have any suggestions?


support wrote on 2015-02-23:
Hello Steve,

Is there any way for us to reproduce the issue?
stvogdn wrote on 2015-02-23:
I think this sample shows it. If I upload this zip to the web site 'convert HTML to PDF' form is shows the missing font. If I just paste the html into the window it works. We are using the API and sending the html.
support wrote on 2015-02-25:

The .zip file contains only one HTML file, it does not contain any font files. The HTML file refers to font files as follows, which will not work:

You have to either zip the font file together with the HTML file and use a relative path:

Or make the font file accessible on the public Internet and refer to it like this: