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No PDF render, blank page

bengladwell wrote on 2015-02-17:
My page simply gives a blank page when rendered by pdfcrowd.

Can you explain why that is?

Also - the preview of this forum post is cutting off the full url parameters
support wrote on 2015-02-20:

Pdfcrowd does not fully support pages that render the content some time after the onload event is fired. Namely, setTimeout() and ajax calls do not work reliably with our software. There is no easy workaround for this at the moment.
bengladwell wrote on 2015-02-20:
Thank you for the reply.

This page does not make any AJAX requests. And there aren't any setTimeout calls in the execution path either.

Is there any way to debug the PDF rendering process?

support wrote on 2015-02-23:

I investigated this further and our software reports the following error:

SyntaxError: Parse error []

report.js is minified so I'm unable to track down the exact location of the error. Could you please post a link to a page which refers a human readable version of that file?
bengladwell wrote on 2015-02-23:
That page now uses an unminified version of report.js.

support wrote on 2015-02-24:
This seems to be a parser bug in our software. It is triggered by the fact that report.js uses a Javascript keyword as an object property name.

The following expression on line 412 confuses the parser and causes the parse error:

This one should be fine:
bengladwell wrote on 2015-02-24:

Ok, I made that change. Still getting the blank page.

support wrote on 2015-02-25:
I hopefully fixed all occurrences of this issue in report.js. The changes are attached. Please apply the changes and let me know if it helps.
bengladwell wrote on 2015-02-25:
Fantastic. That did it.