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Error on load aspx page

apallotta wrote on 2015-01-30:
I have some problem during loading aspx page file into PDF file format.

My page loading correctly when I call from browser, but i have same problem during export pdf page.

when i click the export button the system show me the errore that i put in second file, Error_sessionofgame...

can you help me?


support wrote on 2015-02-02:

According to the error message there is some glitch in your app. Is there anyway for us to reproduce the issue?
apallotta wrote on 2015-02-05:
i don't have anyway for you to testing something, the page work regularly when i call it's address, load the data e show me the result.

the problem appear when i use the code to export the page in pdf format, the code is present in file that i attach in my last post.

thank's a lot to help me.
support wrote on 2015-02-09:

Does your page require cookies (e.g. a session ID)? If yes, it could be the cause of the problem you are having as Pdfcrowd does not support cookies.
apallotta wrote on 2015-02-10:
Yes, i have some variables that I se with the Session.

cai i use something else, for example hidden fields?


support wrote on 2015-02-10:

Of course you can try anything else.