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Blacklisting my url

zeusdev1 wrote on 2014-12-11:
While using your url to pdf api we get a "Blacklisted URL. Contact us if you believe it is a mistake" error.
We are using this API for our reporting . Can u please fix this issue and inform me about what we could do so that this error does not reoccur again
support wrote on 2014-12-11:
This is most often caused by the fact that the web pages in question redirect to Pdfcrowd automatically when the onload event is fired. This is not supported on our end.

The service requires that the PDF generation is initiated by a genuine user click in the browser as described in the documentation:

We will unblock the domain as soon as you change your implementation according to the above.
zeusdev1 wrote on 2014-12-12:
First of all , let me assure you that no where in the documentation is it mentioned, that a javascript implementation is not allowed.
Secondly, i understand why the above may be a concern for you, blocking my domain is uncalled for . Since you blocked my domain we have faced a lot of issues.
I understand that you must take steps to do what is right. You cannot just stop providing your services without prior notice.
Please re-activate my account.

As for the javascript implementation, i did try using the link, but that causes an issue for me as the downloaded pdf also shows the "Save as pdf" link, which is misleading as well as unwanted.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanking you ,
dragonmagic wrote on 2014-12-12:
Do you realize how such an implementation would create a looping effect?

There's other ways of going about it, but any kinda of automated redirect would not work. You could set a cookie on the preceding page that activates the redirect. There's many, cleaner, ways of doing this.
support wrote on 2014-12-15:
As @dragonmagic mentions, an automated redirect causes a problem and we do not support it. Javascript is allowed, just don't use an automated redirect.

If you want the "Save as pdf" link/button not to be printed to PDF, take a look here:,1690,1693#msg-1693
zeusdev1 wrote on 2014-12-16:

We have removed the javascript redirect from our page. Please unblock my domain as soon as possible as we are facing lot of issues in our reporting module.
zeusdev1 wrote on 2014-12-17:
We have removed the javascript implementation.Can you please look into the issue. We are facing a lot of issues due to delays.
Your help will be much appreciated.
support wrote on 2014-12-17:

Please let us know the domain name.
zeusdev1 wrote on 2014-12-18:
The Domain name is :
Please let us know when this is resolved.
support wrote on 2014-12-18:

The domain is unblocked now.
neonenlamusica wrote on 2015-02-03:
Hi, I did not know that "the web pages in question redirect to Pdfcrowd automatically when the onload event is fired. This is not supported on our end". Now when in my page someone want save to PDF shows "Blacklisted URL. Contact us if you believe it is a mistake". I remove the automatic redirect and instead I put a click link "Save to PDF"

My domain is:

Please unblock it.
support wrote on 2015-02-06:
Hello, is unblocked
gamma wrote on 2016-09-09:
I accidentally had a redirect loop in my code, for saving a link as a PDF. This should be resolved now and I would like the domain to please be removed from the blacklist