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Letter spacing

sarascruz wrote on 2014-12-10:

I have been using the "Save to PDF link" and everything works fine except there is a letter spacing every time I use the lowercase letter "w" (see screenshot attached).

I was wondering if there is any way to fix it or an explanation why this is happening.

support wrote on 2014-12-10:

Could you please post here a link to a web page that demonstrates the problem?
sarascruz wrote on 2014-12-16:
The web page view doesn't show the problem. Only when the PDF is exported as seen in the image attached.
Already tried differemt the fonts and the problem presists.
Can you advice on how to procede?
support wrote on 2014-12-17:

Please let us know the URL of the web page. In order to be able to investigate the issue we need to inspect the HTML code the PDF is created from.