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Footer Position Different on Last Page

xprep wrote on 2014-11-06:
I'm using the HTML to PDF tool along with HTML files for the footer and header of the PDF. For some reason, the footer is positioned a bit lower on the final page of the PDF compared to the other pages in the document.

To help debug, I've set the background of the footer HTML file to lime green while the actual content of the footer HTML has the gray background, so you can see the top of the footer (lime) and the bottom (where the white background of the document meets the gray background of the footer content).

Any thoughts on why the footer on the last page is coming up in a different position?
support wrote on 2014-11-11:

I tested your PDF in mutliple PDF viewers but the footer is placed in the very same position on all pages. Or am I missing something? Could you please send me a screenshot from your PDF viewer that shows the problem?
xprep wrote on 2014-11-11:
Very interesting. I had been viewing it in the browser (Chrome on Mac) and the in-browser PDF viewer has the issue whereas Preview or Acrobat on the computer don't have the issue.

If you're looking at it in the browser, it isn't a massive difference in position, though if you look at the white space below the footer (gray background) on the first and second pages, you'll see that it's noticeably larger than on the last page.

I would say it isn't a massive issue, however almost all of the folks viewing our PDFs will be looking at them at least the first time in the browser. It actually looks fine in Safari and Firefox. Are you able to replicate on Chrome on your end?
support wrote on 2014-11-13:

I was able to reproduce the problem. To me this seems like a bug in the Chrome PDF viewer on Mac. I tested the PDF in several PDF viewers (including Chrome on Linux) and the footer was rendered in the same position on all pages.
xprep wrote on 2014-11-13:
Glad you were able to replicate it and thanks again for looking into it. I'll ignore Chrome for now. Keep up the great work!