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Being selective about what content goes into the PDF

Andynashmobile wrote on 2014-10-29:
Loving the simplicity of PDF crowd.
Just wanted to know whether it can be configured to show/hide content based on HTML markup such as classes?
We control desktop and mobile view from a single page, using a hidefrommobile and hidefromdesktop class.
At the moment using PDF crowd does not distinguish and creates a PDF with all the code (often duplicating content in the file as a result - displaying both the desktop and mobile variants).

Do I have any options currently?
Are there any plans for development in the future along these kinds of lines?


support wrote on 2014-10-30:

You can use the @media rule for this purpose.

@media print {
  .screen-only { display:none }
@media screen {
  .pdf-only { display:none }

<p class="screen-only">This won't be printed</p>
<p class="pdf-only">This won't be rendered in the browser, only in PDF</p>

// use the print media type, default is screen
Andynashmobile wrote on 2014-10-31:
Many thanks!