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Data in localStorage not shown

jay wrote on 2014-10-10:

I've got a table of data that is filled using javascript on document.ready. This data is retrieved from the localStorage (HTML5) The website is showing the table OK, but the PDF shows an empty table.

Does your software not work with localStorage? Is there a solution or workaround?

support wrote on 2014-10-10:

Pdfcrowd does not support DOM storage, sorry.
jay wrote on 2014-11-22:
What's the way then to load data into the website using javascript?

If localStorage is not working, encoding data to URL parameters seem not to work neither, window.opener.getData() (it's a function that serves the data from opener to opened website) doesn't work could i do it then to pass data from the opener website to the opened one so that could generate the PDF correctly??
support wrote on 2014-11-24:

Encoding data to URL parameters should work. Do you have an example that doesn't work for you?
dragonmagic wrote on 2014-12-12:
You cold also use ajax to retrieve data on the fly.