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How the request is been calculating

Shandanu Narayanan wrote on 2014-09-30:

I tried your trial version of the PDF Crowd API and planning to use this in my project.It really good and i would want to buy this product.Before that i would like to know one thing that how you are calculating the usage ? Is the PDF conversion is happening in our server and send a call to your server or the documents are sending to your server and conversion is happening and get back PDF files.

Let us know your feedback.

Thanks in advance
support wrote on 2014-09-30:
Hello Shandanu,

Pdfcrowd is a web service, PDFs are created on our servers.

Pdfcrowd measures conversions in tokens. Each 512kB of PDF consumes one token. PDF smaller than 512kB consumes one token, 0.5-1MB PDF consumes two tokens, 1-1.5MB PDF consumes three tokens, and so on.