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Non-CID fonts

martxl wrote on 2011-02-07:

We are building Rails-based app that generates PDFs from HTML templates. However we have one major requirement - because we have to send generated PDF to legacy app, it cannot contain any CID fonts.
So, could you please tell if there is an option to select non-CID fonts? Which fonts should we use?

Best regards,
support wrote on 2011-02-08:
Hello Mart,

The PDFs we generate contain TrueType subsets with TrueType outlines. In the PDF terminology, this is called "Type 2 CIDFont". The PDF format supports also "Type 0 CIDFont" which is based on the Adobe Type 1 font format.

So, if by "non-CID font" you mean "simple font" then unfortunately there is no such option.
martxl wrote on 2011-02-08:
Thanks for the quick response!

If I take just simple html
Type your HTML here ...

and generate PDF using online generator. Then Acrobat Reader tells me that there are two fonts in PDF:
1) Arimo, TrueType (CID)
2) Helvetica (actual font ArialMT), Truetype

I can't understand how to force PDF to contain for example only last font. Do you know it?
support wrote on 2011-02-08:

The HTML layout engine, which performs the actual HTML to PDF conversion, always embeds fonts as Type 2 CID, it does not support PDF simple fonts. In this particular case, Arimo is used for "Type your HTML here ..."

Helvetica, one of the 14 standard Type 1 PDF fonts, is used only for footer text which is inserted by a post-processing tool.
martxl wrote on 2011-02-08:
Thank you!