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40 second load restriction

jdwomack wrote on 2011-02-03:
Thanks for your help with my last request. Another quick one... some of the reports we need to convert to PDF are just text but still are large files with numerous records coming from a mySQL database. For example, one has information for around 2500 users. It does take a bit for the file to render so I am getting the time out error. I imagine even if the file is loading using AJAX, the number of records will still take too long to load.

Do you have any recommendations for a best method for generating these large reports?
support wrote on 2011-02-03:

do you have an idea where the time is spent?

Is it

  • on your server when you fetch the records from the DB and generate the report, or
  • on our end when the report is printed to PDF?

Also what is the size of the generated report?
jdwomack wrote on 2011-02-04:
The time is spent on the server rendering the php file. I'm going to attempt to pre-load these pages into static versions.
support wrote on 2011-02-08:
Yes, pre-loading should help.