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Is there a way to have 0 margins and a footer

lasmit wrote on 2014-09-02:
I'm trying to implement a design which has a cover page with no footer and then the rest of the pages with a footer. So far no problem.

The cover page should fill the entire page though, i.e. no margins. When I set the margins to 0 the footer doesn't show any more. Should this work? If not can you propose a work around? The attached image shows a little better what I'm trying to achieve.
support wrote on 2014-09-02:

It is possible to skip the footer on the cover page using setHeaderFooterPageExcludeList() but it is not possible to set different margins on different pages.
lasmit wrote on 2014-09-03:
In the end I worked around this using PDFMerger: to merge a cover and the rest of the file.

As an aside, their api has a really nice format for specifying how to receive the PDF, might be a nice enhancement to PDFCrowd at some future date:

$pdf = new PDFMerger;

$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/one.pdf', '1, 3, 4')
	->addPDF('samplepdfs/two.pdf', '1-2')
	->addPDF('samplepdfs/three.pdf', 'all')
	->merge('file', 'samplepdfs/TEST2.pdf');
	//REPLACE 'file' WITH 'browser', 'download', 'string', or 'file' for output options
	//You do not need to give a file path for browser, string, or download - just the name.


$client->convertUri("", "download", "file.pdf");

very intuitive and quick for developers.