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jdwomack wrote on 2011-02-03:
I'm just starting out testing with pdfcrowd and I like what I see so far... We want to integrate this into a web app for generating PDF reports. Some of our reports use GET to change years/locations/etc. It appears that I can't append information to the URL. I'm using convertURI and streaming the PDF back to the browser using the PHP API. Is there a method for sending custom values back to the web page? It would also be nice to pass along some session information but I'm not sure if thats possible.

support wrote on 2011-02-03:

sending GET data to your report should work, here is an example:

$pdf = $client->ConvertURI("http://your.domain/report.php?year=2010&loc=CE");

You do not need to urlencode your GET data, this is done automatically. If this does not work for you, please add this line before calling ConvertURI().


This will insert the report URL to the footer of the created PDF so you can check which data is passed to your report.

As for the session information, if you mean cookie based session information then it is not possible since we do not support cookies. Session information passed along as GET data is possible though.