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An extra blank page is coming in pdf

pdfcrowdpiab wrote on 2014-08-28:
Hi Guys , I use the api of pdfcrowd and i like it very much but the thing is that while producing the pdf i get an extra page at the end of file which is completely blank. Help me remove that extra page.
support wrote on 2014-08-28:

Please make sure that there is no extra bottom margin in the very bottom of your HTML. If it is not the case, feel free to send us your HTML to and we will look into it.
whyknott wrote on 2015-02-23:
I cannot figure out why the following pages are generating an extra blank page? I may be something to do with when floor plans are inserted into the second page dynamically from Wordpress. Looks like my problem only occurs after floor plan images on the second page are inserted. I just cannot figure out what setting to change so the PDF doesn't show a blank 3rd page when floor plans are added via Wordpress.

Pages where extra white page is being generated:

Here is a page where the client hasn't added floor plans to the listing so the extra white page is NOT present:

Thanks! Your help would be appreciated!!!