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Webpage to pdf

kingdorIan wrote on 2014-07-10:

I'm using your service to generate a pdf from my website using javascript. I'm using this code:"//", "_blank");	

Everything works fine in Chrome and firefox but in Internet explorer it just opens the pdfcrowd homepage. Also when I tested it from the developers console in Internet explorer it also did not work. The simplefied code"//");	

also does not work. It works fine when I just use the url just like the example on your website. It does work in IE.
Does any of you have a solution for this? I don't think making an invisbile url and then doing the jquery .click() on it work works either.

Thanks in advance and I'm sorry for my bad grammer (I'm Dutch and dyslectic)
support wrote on 2014-07-12:

This is because IE does not set http referrer when a web page is opened using You can find a workaround in this stackoverlow post:
kingdorIan wrote on 2014-07-13:
Thanks a lot, you saved me a headache! Its working now. I should've known.... Silly IE being silly/hipster again....