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I always get 11w by 8.5h ??

memelet wrote on 2011-01-19:
Every web page for which I generate a pdf, it always insists on formatting/printing to 11 wide by 8.5 height. But all the settings (at least in the print dialog) indicate that the doc will printed in portrait -- just with size swapped for some reason.

Is there something I need to do to get normal portrait sizes.

BTW, I am using the chrome plugin.
memelet wrote on 2011-01-19:
Hmm, I see in the plugin options I can set the page format. Currently it is A4 but I'm guessing I need letter. But this feature is only for the paid version. Is this just that the free version not so useful in the US?
support wrote on 2011-01-19:

The free version *always* prints to 11.7 x 8.3. You can't set the page format (A4) in the plugin options, it is only a screenshot not a real dialog.

The paid version lets you use either a predefined or customized page format.