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safetymatters wrote on 2014-06-19:
What's the resolution (dpi) of converted pdfs? Do they convert at 72dpi? I've tried doing a search for "resolution" and "dpi" and didn't find anything. Am I thinking about this the wrong way? We want to put an image across the top in our header. So, for an 8.5 page with .5 margins, we're looking at 7.5" wide. Is that just a 540px image? That seems really low res on a printed page. I think I'm missing something.
support wrote on 2014-06-20:

PDFs are converted at 96dpi as 1px equals to 1/96th of 1in. So 7.5'' corresponds to 720 pixels and it means that a 720px wide image will be printed to PDF in 96dpi. If you want to print the image for example at 192dpi then simply use a 1440px wide image and retain the <img> container dimensions (i.e. 7.5'' wide).
safetymatters wrote on 2014-06-20:
Thanks tons.