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No API tokens left

jordanhudson wrote on 2011-01-14:

I recently purchased 15000 tokens for $80. My username is marqui_pdf. We have no tokens left. I can't verify that there weren't actually 15000 requests, we were a bit lazy and didn't write any logging code. We expected only a few hundred requests per month. It's only been up for a couple weeks Is there a chance that there's an error on your side?


support wrote on 2011-01-14:
Hi Jordan,

Thanks for your purchase.

according to our records you purchased a domain license which does not cover access to the API. The domain license removes Pdfcrowd logo from PDFs created through the Save to PDF link.

We have just credited your account with 15,000 API tokens and cancelled the domain license.

Please, let us know if you have any questions.