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Failed to generate pdf file with more image loading

sudsah wrote on 2014-06-06:
We have developed our client project in which we generated pdf files from html code. I have also recommended pdfcrowd to client and they are ready to subcribe for paid plan. But we are facing issue while we are giving demo to client.

Pdf service is failed to generate pdf file with more image loading. Actually, pdf file is generated quickly but some images taking liitle bit time to load. This is the issue. But we don't have control to fix this issue.

.For your informationut if we are running the code from server pc and keep the images in the same sever but still it is slow.
Is there any logic-to use local file system image path in html img source ?
We are keeping images and code in the same pc/server like as - <img src="d:\\assets\home1.jpg" > we have used it, but not supporting

Appreciate your help in this regard.