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PDF Not getting generated

rajatk wrote on 2014-05-08:

I am trying to download PdF but there is some error. The page keeps on loading and nothing happens. The code was working fine till yesterday.
Kindly help.
support wrote on 2014-05-08:

Please let us know the steps to replicate the problem and we will look into it.
rajatk wrote on 2014-05-08:

I am using pdfcrowd.php to generate client variable and then convert html pages to PDF.
user id is mittalsmiti. I have not changed any code. It stopped working all of sudden.
Till yesterday it generated PDF without any error

Pdfcrowd Error: [510] Timed out. Can't load the specified URL. List of the resources that can't be loaded:
support wrote on 2014-05-09:

It works for me now. Are you still getting the error on your end?
rajatk wrote on 2014-05-09:

Thanks.. It works fine for me too..
rajatk wrote on 2014-05-11:
Hi ,

Can you please check the mentioned link again. It is again giving 510 error in my case
support wrote on 2014-05-12:

Converting the URL to PDF works fine for me now.