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Initial PDF View / PDF Scaling & HTML Zoom - any tutorial?

maxhenry wrote on 2014-03-25:
Hello, I just got a paid licence but I am getting confused with all the advanced functions like Initial PDF View / PDF Scaling & HTML Zoom... Is there a tutorial explaining this in details?

ideally, I would like to generate a A4 PDF page from only a certain "zone" or "area" of the URL? how to do achieve this?
support wrote on 2014-03-26:

As for the options:

- The Initial PDF View section specifies the initial appearance of the PDF when it is opened in a PDF viewing software.

- The PDF Scaling option determines the scaling factor used when a web page is converted to PDF. Values lower than 100% scale the HTML content down, values higher than 100% scale the HTML content up.

- HTML Zoom determines the precision used for rendering of the HTML content. Despite its name, it does not zoom the HTML content. Higher values can improve glyph positioning and can lead to overall better visual appearance of generated PDF.

Regarding your request to print only a certain zone of the URL, this is not possible without altering the web page code. If you have control over the web page code you can use the CSS @media type like this:
@media print {
  .screen-only { display:none }
@media screen {
  .pdf-only { display:none }

Now if you enable the Use the print version of the page if available option, elements with class="screen-only" will be removed from PDF and elements with class="pdf-only" will be rendered in PDF only.