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API issues - styles missing

spielbergsp wrote on 2014-01-25:

I've been implementing the API and I've encountered some issues on one of the two servers that I use. The first server (my VPS) renders the HTML almost perfectly. On the second server (client's hosting) the styles seem to be missing. Below are two examples of the same HTML being rendered on these two servers (pardon the blurring but most of the document is confidential). Both rendered using the same source HTML, same pdfcrowd settings, same API, same everything - just on two different servers. There is no external CSS files - all styles are assigned directly to HTML elements.

Please advise as to what could be causing such issues?

Thanks in advance!


support wrote on 2014-01-27:

It is hard to say without knowing more details. If you can post here a URL I can use to replicate the issue, I will look into it. If you do not want to share it publicly, please feel free to send it to