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SVG Rendering

psgibbs wrote on 2014-01-09:
I'm having trouble getting the API to convert my SVG's correctly. Based on other threads, it looks like SVG is supposed to work (though not opacity), so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Is only a subset of SVG supported, is there a minor formatting issue I need to change with my charts?

I can open this SVG (svg.html) in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and they all render it correctly; however, the API is not rendering it correctly, always giving me erroneous results (ex: ''svg.html.pdf').

A version I saved from Chrome on OSX is svg.pdf.

support wrote on 2014-01-11:
Hello Paul,

As far as SVG support is concerned, the API supports external (linked) SVG files and dynamic SVG generated by JavaScript. It does not handle static inline SVG. So to print an SVG file, you need to link it from HTML.

An example: paste the following code to this form and click "Convert to PDF".
<img src=""/>