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Timed out. Can't load the specified URL

zzx_zhang wrote on 2013-12-12:
I have a webpage. I use save to pdf to change it into pdf but got this error “Timed out. Can't load the specified URL”.
I need to use the font "Microsoft Yahei" which is not supported by pdfcrowd, so I use @font-face feature, however the size of the font file is more than 14M and got a time out error?
Is there any way I can use the font "Microsoft Yahei" ?
My webpage is :
support wrote on 2013-12-12:

The download speed of that font is about 100kB/sec and it takes ~2.5 minutes to download. The service aborts a conversion if takes more than 40 seconds. That's the reason why you are getting the timeout error.

I would recommend that you host the file on a faster server.