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Chart image not loading in pdf

pawan chouhan wrote on 2013-11-03:
Hi Sir/Madam,

This is pawan here . I have developed my client project in which we generated pdf files from html code. I have also recommended pdfcrowd to client and they are ready to subcribe for paid plan. But i am facing issue while i am giving demo
to client. Pdf service is failed to generate pdf file with chart image. Actually, pdf file is generated quickly but chart image takes time to load. This is the issue. But we don't have control to fix this issue.

Here is url

Account information:
Username: gazellessystems

API key: ****

This is client account details. Please fix this issue asap so that we can recommend your service. or tell me wait function for pdfcrowd service.

Waiting for your quick action as work has totally halted

My email address is

Thanks & Regards,
support wrote on 2013-11-04:
Hello Pawan,

We looked into this but unfortunately our software is unable to print the chart.