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Font size a bit to big - how can I change

bongobongo wrote on 2013-10-16:

I have tried to use your service "convert web page", by adding a button and som javascript to may website.
It worked pretty much very well..

Except for the fact that the generated PDF show the text with enlarged letters.
In other words the font-size on the generated PDF is way to big, compared with the original document.

Another issue I see is that images may be larger in the generated PDF than they are displayed in the HTML document.

Is there any way I can fix these issues?
support wrote on 2013-10-16:

If you can send me a link to a page that demonstrates the issue, I will look into it.
bongobongo wrote on 2013-10-16:
Yes I can.
Could you please send me your email address?
support wrote on 2013-10-16: