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Time Out Problem

asimjaff wrote on 2010-11-28:
I'm using free account to test the desire result

HTML file contains lot of css/js code it is generated fine

Some HTML file are too large up to 3 to 10 mb's when i convert those
response return "Time-Out: Can't load the Specify URL " is there any restriction for file size....? is that restriction remove when i purchased business account?

support wrote on 2010-11-28:

We return this error message when the time needed to create a PDF exceeds ~40 seconds. This limit is applied to both free and paid accounts.

Typical reasons for this error are:

  • Complex or long running JavaScript code
  • The page you want to convert resides on a server with slow downlink speed

If you let us know the URL of the page that fails to convert, we can look into the problem - either post the URL here or if it is sensitive you can send it to
asimjaff wrote on 2010-11-28:
It is correct our HTML have enough Js / CSS code that required time to execute....actually the file we want to covert into pdf is build(merg) file of multiple html (creating one file by combining lot of html - this our requirement) in order to do that separate js tags are required in order to work

I'm emailing you that your at, kindly advise what we have to do in order to convert whole html in to pdf.