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Table Formatting getting lost

indaroma wrote on 2013-10-03:
Is there a tutorial on how to provide css formatting? in the HTML I send should it be "style" tags or, inline styles or can it have a "link" to an absolute or relative path to the css?

I was initially passing in html with the inline styling ie (<table border='1px') etc. But I did something and it stopped working. If I use a form post I use encodeURIComponent on client side and then urldecode on the server side before converting it.

I want to get beautiful tables and I know it's possible. Now I get no styling whatsoever no borders nothing. I feel like the form post or the ajax post tend to do something to the formatting of the raw html file data.

Please help.. Thanks!

support wrote on 2013-10-04:
Hello Abhishek,

If you can send us minimal HTML code that demonstrates the issue, we will look into it.
atnurit wrote on 2014-07-21:

I have the same problem.

the table borders disappear on the PDF created

any solution?