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unexpected font scaling

philipfc wrote on 2013-08-29:
When I increase the size of the margins in the PDF my font size appears to be scaling down and the result is that more content is fitting per page than before I increased the margins. This is unexpected.

As an example, when I set page margins at 1.5in then 14pt font renders and the page content I am looking at just fits on the page. When I set page margins at 2in, then the same 14pt font renders and the page content is significantly less than a page.

I have not set any scaling that I am aware of and the docs seem to indicate that default scaling is 1.0.

Please let me know what I need to do to keep fonts rendering at a consistent size regardless of how I set the page margins.
philipfc wrote on 2013-08-29:
I think I got this resolved.

I saw the posts about:

If an HTML document specifies a fixed width which is greater than the PDF page width, then the HTML contents is scaled down to fit the PDF page width and setPdfScalingFactor is ignored.

Once I shortened lines to the page width (using 96px * # inches) then there was still an issue.

I think tables were rendering wider in pdfcrowd than in Chrome and when reviewing the PDF output I could see the issue where tables appeared. I made the font smaller in the tables and now I think the rendering is OK.
support wrote on 2013-08-30:

Yes, converting an HTML document that is wider than the PDF page may result into scaled-down font sizes.
Let me know if you need any further help in this regard.