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Supported styling for SVG

StudyPortals wrote on 2013-08-22:

I'm trying to print a page with 2 svg fields, but with both of these svgs there are some layout issues. I attached a generated pdf and a capture of how both svgs should look (you can find one on the first page and one of the last page of the pdf)

In the first one (on the first page) you see a few <path> elements, one for the line and one for the area below. The area has a fill colour (done via the element property) and an opacity of 0.25 (done via CSS). In the PDF you can clearly see that the opacity did not work in your pdf. Is opacity not at all supported here, or am I doing something wrong here?

The second one (on the last page) seems to have a similar problem; The gray parts between the colourful blocks has gone completely grey because again the opacity seems not to work. The colourful blocs are rects that have the following styling : "fill: rgba(139, 234, 0, 0.5);". If I would ommit (not put it to 0 or 1, leave it out completely) the 0.5 part (again opacity) in my browser it would also turn black as seen in the PDF.

Off course I could rewrite the styling of the problems stated above so it would work, but if there is a way to print without this problem, then that would prefered.

So my ultimate question, is there a way to make your API take in account the opacity, or is this something you are planning on implementing?
support wrote on 2013-08-23:

Thank you for your feedback. SVG opacity is not supported. We may consider adding it in future service updates but there are no concrete plans at the moment.
StudyPortals wrote on 2013-08-23:

I have already worked around this issue so it should not be a problem anymore.