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Tokens Just Purchased

aptcnx wrote on 2013-07-18:
I just recently purchased the micro package of 200 tokens. With the very first login to check the PDF Crowd account, it said that it was already -193:

"Warning! You reached your plan quota. You are currently exceeding the plan limit by 193 tokens. Your account stays fully functional but you are expected to upgrade your plan using the instructions below. Note that we may decide to suspend your account if you exceed the limit by a significant margin or on a regular basis. "

Everything with the API on the site is working fine - but what's the deal with the 'warning' and negative tokens?
support wrote on 2013-07-21:

This means that you have already consumed 393 tokens (193 above your plan's quota).
aptcnx wrote on 2013-07-25:
2 seconds after we signed up we used 393 tokens? Also now it says -134. One week ago, it was -193, and we have not purchased any more tokens.
support wrote on 2013-07-25:

We apologize for this. It seems there was a hiccup in our system which caused that your account was initialized incorrectly. We are looking into this in order to prevent this to happen in the future again.

The actual number of remaining tokens in your account is 136 (you used 64 tokens so far).

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.