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Convert to PDF not printing dynamic images

jm21 wrote on 2013-05-22:
I have a website where am inserting an image dynamicallly using jquery and using jqueryui I move/resize/rotate the image to the desired proportions and position and then convert to pdf. For some reason the convert to pdf doesn't print the image that's been inserted dynamically. Is there any reason why this isn't working? Am using absolute url's for the dynamically inserted image
support wrote on 2013-05-22:

If you can post a link to your page we can take a look at what can be done about it.
jm21 wrote on 2013-05-29:
Below is the link

To see what am saying please click on Select Image to overlay and upload a jpg/png/gif. Once uploaded you can resize it and position it. When satisfied click on the Convert to pdf link. The pdf created only has the background image and not the image thats been inserted dynamically
support wrote on 2013-05-30:

The "Save to PDF Link" is not able to capture local changes made to a web page.

This should be solvable with our API (

1/ The "Convert to PDF" link on your web page would submit the information about the overlay (overlay url, transformation matrix,..) to your server side application.

2/ Your application would generate HTML (or a unique web page) with the overlay positioned according to the received information, pass it to our API, and return back the resulting PDF.
jm21 wrote on 2013-05-30:
Thanks for the info, I'll try that and get back with an answer asap